the foundry: student ministry

theFoundry meets Wednesdays at 6:30pm in Fellowship Hall for 6th - 12th grade students.  

Come and join us for worship and teaching on topics that are important to students. Expect to have fun and meet some new people.

theFoundry Small Group meets Sunday evenings at 6pm in the Fellowship Hall

Current Series: Good things

Christmas is almost here! Which means there’s a lot for us to look forward to — sometimes impatiently. But you know the saying, "good things come to those who wait”? It's true for Christmases now, but it was true on the very first Christmas as well. You see, the day Jesus came to earth wasn’t a sudden surprise. It was the first step in a long-awaited plan. In this 3-week series, we’ll hear the Christmas story from the perspective of the prophets in the Old Testament, who foretold and then waited for the good things God had in store. Christmas is a reminder of what the prophets proclaimed: that God has always had a plan, that Jesus completes God’s plan, that God’s plans bring joy

Sunday Night Study: advent

Come join us as we explore the season of advent and how we can share the hope that Jesus brings!