Pleasantview offers adults a variety of opportunities to grow, connect, serve, share, and worship. Our home-based groups offer intimate relationships, a caring environment, spiritual growth, and opportunities to serve. 

CONNECT relationally with God, through his Son, Jesus Christ, and with a family of believers. 

GROW in your understanding of the Bible, and learn to practice the teachings of Jesus. 

SERVE in the way you were designed to serve. You are uniquely made, and God has a unique plan for your life.  Participating in a LifeGroup can help you discover that plan. 

SHARE your story and the story of Jesus with friends and others by extending a life line of care and encouragement. 

WORSHIP God with your whole life, not just on the weekend! LifeGroups help you to develop a lifestyle of surrender to God.


9:15am Sunday Mornings - Our Sunday Morning LifeGroups are dedicated to the discipleship and growth of our members through studies geared towards further understanding of the Bible and its teaching. Check at the Welcome Center, and we can direct you to a group that fits you. 

6:15pm Sunday Evenings - These LifeGroups focus on community and growth through fellowship, having fun, studying the Bible, and praying for each other.  

Tuesday Evening Men's LifeGroup -  Our Men's LifeGroup meets at the church in the Family Room on Tuesday evenings at 7:30pm. Please contact Steve Eddy for more details, 708-0922 or

We also have other LifeGroups that meet throughout the week.  

If you would like more information or would like to join a LifeGroup, please contact the church office at 788-3734.